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Upgrade K04 Turbo Outlet 53,049,880,064 53,049,700,064 For Borgwarner Turbo K04

Upgrade K04 Turbo Outlet 53,049,880,064 53,049,700,064 For Borgwarner Turbo K04

Upgrade K04 Turbo Outlet 53,049,880,064 53,049,700,064 For Borgwarner Turbo K04  Upgrade K04 Turbo Outlet 53,049,880,064 53,049,700,064 For Borgwarner Turbo K04
Upgrade K04 turbo outlet 53,049,880,064 53,049,700,064 for BorgWarner K04 turbo. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Output K04 turbo vw audi 2.0 tfsi without silencer.

Optimized flow plug & play k04-0064. Products for protection against heat.

2.0T turbo output (f). Suitable for: motor cross K04 turbocharger vw audi seat skoda. 2.0 liters of t (f) if this jack plug and play turbo replaces the original decision. Contrary to the original output, it has no muffler insert but an aluminum insert machined cnc continuously.

By removing the muffler, the air flow is optimized and the noise of turbo is increased, leading to a more sportsman. Plug & play - optimized flow - its more sporty - original connection, no change needed examples of vehicles: golf v gti ED30, golf vi gti ed35, 6r Golf, Scirocco r s3 8p, seaat leon cupra 1p with turbocharger K04 of origin, or of course K04 turbocharger conversion, we also have the turboalder as new original parts in our range. We specialize in trading turbochargers, accessories and heat protection products. Our delivery program includes series of all manufacturers of turbochargers such as garrett, BorgWarner, Mitsubishi, ihi - as well as garrett racing series - gtr, gtx, gtx ii gen and also BorgWarner turbochargers efr. We also have many turbochargers making different level in our program and can also build special designs on request. We also have a large number of protection products against heat available in stock. Turbocharger 100% original manufacturer of the original.

No cheap replicas or bad repairs. Phone support Monday to Friday from 8h to 17h. We send the product after determining the receipt of your payment. When paying by cash on delivery, the goods are shipped immediately and you pay the amount of the purchase receipt to the supplier. Articles of protection against heat are usually shipped by DHL, turbochargers are shipped by ups.

Of course, you can also withdraw your article free of charge directly at our shop, please clarify the collection in advance by phone. Important: when paying in advance / bank transfer, the payment must be received in our bank account before we can give you the goods. Delivery Program - Original turbochargers of all the series manufacturers - BorgWarner turbocharger efr - garrett gtr - turbochargers gtx gen i & ii - upgrade the turbocharger - custom orders - heat protection products - accessories.

Turbocharger installation - Important regulations and information for you. Improper use of a turbocharger or turbocharger changes can cause damage. For this reason, observe the vehicle or repair instructions. Manufacturer of the engine and the following general information. Failures of low-mileage turbocharged are almost exclusively caused by errors in the environment.

Clarify them and eliminate them before installing the new turbocharger to prevent further failures. > Always check the motor ventilation. Even a slight increase in the pressure in the crankcase lead to a loss of oil in the turbocharger and can therefore destroy the turbocharger.

> Also check that the engine oil pan for dirt / silted up and remove it. > Check the operation of control valves for boost pressure and exhaust gas recirculation. The state of the egr valve and kats or dpf (check the manufacturer change interval). If in doubt, the components must be replaced! Check the version number on the nameplate of the turbocharger you have with that of former accordance turbocharger. Before installation, check the air filter system and engine oil, change the filter and oil. Check or clean the area of ​​the intake pipe and the exhaust manifold of the engine. The manifolds and expansion joints must be checked in particular for damage and breakage -> foreign bodies and loose parts in the ducts (side compressor and turbine) certainly cause damage during commissioning.

If necessary, replace the charge air cooler. Warning: risk of damage of the engine due to uncontrolled diet.

The oil feed line must be changed! Similarly, adjacent materials such as banjo bolts, oil screen (can be found in the oil line in some vehicles), etc. > Another failure is preprogrammed otherwise! Believe it and simply, the damage is clear. The driving oil return must be checked and cleaned.

If in doubt, it must also be replaced. Never use liquid sealants when connecting the oil lines. Fill the turbocharger oil inlet bore with clean engine oil several times by rotating the rotor shaft in order to ensure proper lubrication during commissioning. Fit the turbocharger with new flange gaskets. The flanges and threads must be free of wear and damage.

Generally, the connecting bolts fixing the turbine casing are resistant to heat. > Only use screws with the appropriate specifications. The tightening torques must be respected in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's specifications. Start the engine and let it approx.

> The engine must have accumulated oil pressure before the load. After commissioning, check all the fresh air ducts, gas and oil combustion and in particular their connections to ensure they are watertight.

Safety instructions: Do not touch the turbocharger during and immediately after operation; hot surfaces! In cases where such problems as the lack of power or loss of oil on the turbocharger can be determined after installing the turbocharger, the causes are very likely to be found in the peripheral zone, that is, -dire not in the turbocharger itself. In this case, please contact us by phone.

From experience, we urgently recommend installing another turbocharger without prior inspection of a turbocharger by us! Tab 6 - the most important things in a hang of it. Please enter the text you want to edit double-click or mark and start typing. To share photos, click the image and select \To link buttons and \in the file toolbar. More information in the instructions below. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod temporally invidunt ut labore dolore magna and aliquyam erat, sed diam voluptua.

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Garrett GTR - GTX - gtx gen ii - BorgWarner efr turbocharger. 2.0 tfsi K04 outlet. Golf 5 ed turbo outlet. Seat leon cupra turbo outlet 1p.

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    Upgrade K04 Turbo Outlet 53,049,880,064 53,049,700,064 For Borgwarner Turbo K04  Upgrade K04 Turbo Outlet 53,049,880,064 53,049,700,064 For Borgwarner Turbo K04