Leon Cupra Tfsi

Turbo K04 2.0 Tfsi Engine Bhz / Bwj / CDLD / Bbyd / Cdlf / Cdlg / Cdla

Turbo K04 2.0 Tfsi Engine Bhz / Bwj / CDLD / Bbyd / Cdlf / Cdlg / Cdla

Turbo K04 2.0 Tfsi Engine Bhz / Bwj / CDLD / Bbyd / Cdlf / Cdlg / Cdla    Turbo K04 2.0 Tfsi Engine Bhz / Bwj / CDLD / Bbyd / Cdlf / Cdlg / Cdla

Turbo k04 2.0 tfsi engine : bhz / bwj / cdld / bbyd / cdlf / cdlg / cdla. This product sheet has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your competent partner in the field of turbochargers.

You can find one here. Turbocompressor 2.0 tsi / tfsi.

Engine: bhz / bwj / cdld / byd / cdlf / cdlg / cdla. Audi s3 2.0 tfsi (8p / pa).

Audi tt s 2.0 tfsi (8j). Seat Leon 2.0 tfsi cupra.

Volkswagen golf v 2.0 tfsi. Volkswagen golf vi 2.0 r.

Volkswagen golf vi 2.0 gti 35. Volkswagen scirocco 2.0 r tsi. You have the immediate purchase item purchased, the "Pay Now" button appears immediately after purchase. Here you can enter a different delivery address, select a payment method and see the total amount.

The amount of the invoice. Offered for Germany / cod cash on deliver is.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please add the amount of the deposit. Once we have received your old room, you will usually receive it in them.

A credit for the amount of the deposit on working days. Send us your old turbocharger in advance. The deposit of the old room is no longer valid. The old turbocharger must be.

Open up and be complete! The defective turbocharger must be unopened and complete and match the original part purchased (not a replica).

No external parts elbows, electronics, etc. It shall not cause irreparable damage to cracks, holes, etc. You have to send back the old room within 4 weeks! Only in exchange for their former turbocharger!

Your former turbocharger must be closed and complete! No external collector, electronic, etc.

Your old room cannot have irreparable damage cracks, holes, etc. It must be like the original part purchased (no imitation of china)!

The old room must be returned to us within 4 weeks! Z send us your old part and in advance, then deleted. The turbo you're going to send us must be complete, never open. All external components the collector as well as electronics etc. Must be intact, rest assured that there was no irreversible flaw no cracks or pants etc.

We accept your old turbo only if it is a part identical to the original one not copying or coming from China etc. We remind you and invite you to return your old turbo within 4 weeks! Contact us if you have any questions or fahm. You can find our contact information below. In the seller's legal information.

if a guarantee is part of the offer, the following information and provisions shall apply to it. Turboexpert ryszart rekusz the coordinates are below in the legal mentions of the. The guarantee is an additional and voluntary service of the seller with a legally binding commitment. The duration of the guarantee is 12 months. This begins with the delivery of the product to the buyer.

Meanwhile, the functionality of the goods delivered and their spare parts is guaranteed. Legal guarantee rights are not limited by this guarantee.

This guarantee only grants the customer additional rights. In the event of a malfunction, the turbocharger shall be referred to the ryszard rekusz turboexpert for evaluation. But it must be in an intact state, so it must not be disassembled. In order to control the warranty request, the customer must send the following documents with the purchased product. A description of the defect to the extent possible.

If the product has been installed in a vehicle, proof that the installation and removal have been carried out correctly and professionally. The invoice (copy) of, if any, is sufficient. Checks the guarantee application and informs the customer within 14 days of the registration of the application if there is a guarantee application and if it is recognised.

It's at the discretion of. If the warranty is covered by a repair or replacement of the defective product or part is completed. This guarantee shall not give rise to any other claim, in particular for any form of compensation. This guarantee does not cover transport and travel costs as well as costs incurred by the customer for the installation and dismantling of the product; these are based on general statutory warranty rights.

Damage caused by improper use of the product as well as installation and removal by an insufficiently qualified specialist company. Damage caused by a case of force majeure. Damage caused by the use of the product outside the specified specifications. In the case of sealed products, any damage if the seal has been damaged or removed. Damage caused by improper use or poor technical condition of the engine.

Tree damage if it occurs as a result of poor lubrication or for other reasons related to incorrect and professional installation or use. Damage caused by mechanical effects on the turbocharger crankcase that are not caused by proper functioning. Damage to the compressor wheel in case of penetration of a foreign body into the suction system. If silicone or other sealing products have been used in the installation of the turbocharger.

General information / installation instructions. The manufacturer's specifications for the replacement of the turbocharger shall be met. The turbocharger must only be installed by trained specialists.

Attention, poor installation of a turbocharger or incorrect modifications can damage the turbocharger and/or engine. It is imperative to comply with the following installation instructions and information. Before installing the new turbocharger, you must check the entire area around the engine to detect damage or modifications. Determine the cause of the malfunction of the failed turbocharger and eliminate it without fault. The engine ventilation shall be checked in all cases.

Check all oil transport lines and engine oil housing for dirt and mud and. To avoid any damage, take it.

Before changing the filter and oil. The engine exhaust manifold shall also be checked. In particular, check if the collector and expansion joints are not damaged. It is imperative to ensure that no foreign matter can detach itself throughout the area of the line, as this can result in damage during commissioning. The full flow of air between the turbocharger and the engine, in particular the intermediate coolant, must be checked for oil residues, which must be eliminated.

If necessary, the intermediate cooler shall be replaced. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in engine damage due to uncontrolled rollover. It is essential to change the oil feed line and adjacent materials banjo bolts, oil crepine, etc. The return line must be checked and cleaned; in case of doubt, it must also be replaced. Be careful never to use liquid mastics when fixing the oil pipe!

Before installing the turbocharger, fill the oil inlet with fresh engine oil while turning the rotor shaft several times. This guarantees a perfect lubrication at the start of the turbocharger.

When mounting, make sure that only new flange joints are used. All flanges and threads shall be free from damage and signs of wear. Only screws whose specifications correspond to the manufacturer's specifications may be used. Clamping torques shall be respected in allen circumstances, in accordance with the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer. After installing the turbocharger, please start the engine and let it run for approx.

Before charging the engine, it must have accumulated the required oil pressure; if this is not done, the engine and/or turbocharger may be damaged. After the system is put into operation, all air, gas and oil lines shall be checked again for leaks. All the above points have been respected and after the turbocharger installation, problems remain such as lack of power, loss of oil on the turbocharger, etc. Before, this does not necessarily mean that there is damage to the same thing.

The cause is often the peripheral zone and not the turbocharger itself. Check again all components belonging to the circuit for leaks and/or functionality. If you have complaints about a turbocharger, we advise against installing another one before our technicians have received the test results.

Please note the information, otherwise no warranty claim can be made. Welcome to the turboexpert company you can find one here generally exceeded original turbocharger for: turbocharger 2.0 tsi / tfsi audi s3 2.0 tfsi (8p / pa) audi tt s 2.0 tfsi (8j) seat leon 2.0 tfsi cupra volkswagen golf v 2.0 tfsi volkswagen golf vi 2.0 r. Former part commitment deposit deposit you can find our contact details below in the seller's legal information. Warranty conditions the guarantor is: 1.

Audi s3 2.0 tfsi (8p/pa) 265 ps audi tt s 2.0 tfsi. Seat leon 2.0 tfsi cupra 241 ps vw golf v gti 2.0. Vw golf vi r 2.0 tfsi 270 ps vw scirocco r 2.0 tfs. The item "turbo k04 2.0 tfsi engine bhz / bwj / cdld / bbyd / cdlf / cdlg / cdla" has been on sale since Tuesday, May 25, 2021.

It is in the category "auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories\auto\ spare parts\turbos, superchargers\turbos". The seller is "turboexpert2000" and is located in/in guben.

This item can be delivered anywhere in the world.

  1. reference number oe/oem: seat leon 2.0 tfsi cupra 241 ch vw golf v gti 2.0
  2. product group: engine part
  3. reference number oe1: 06f145702c 06f145702cx 06f145702cv
  4. product type: turbo
  5. reference number oe: 53049880064 53049700064
  6. Manufacturer guarantee: 12 months
  7. manufacturer: borg alarm
  8. Mark: - no mark/generic - Manufacturer part number: not applicable

Turbo K04 2.0 Tfsi Engine Bhz / Bwj / CDLD / Bbyd / Cdlf / Cdlg / Cdla    Turbo K04 2.0 Tfsi Engine Bhz / Bwj / CDLD / Bbyd / Cdlf / Cdlg / Cdla