Leon Cupra Tfsi

St Lowering Springs Seat Leon Cupra / R 1p 2.0tfsi Year Fab. 09/09

St Lowering Springs Seat Leon Cupra / R 1p 2.0tfsi Year Fab. 09/09

St Lowering Springs Seat Leon Cupra / R 1p 2.0tfsi Year Fab. 09/09    St Lowering Springs Seat Leon Cupra / R 1p 2.0tfsi Year Fab. 09/09

St lowering springs seat leon cupra / r 1p 2.0tfsi year fab. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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New car registration the 2.1 & 2.2 age pinks fields 2 & zu3. St springs lowering springs seat leon cupra / r 1 p 2.0 tfsi 09 / 09. St springs sport the wide range of springs and suspensions account with over 1,000 applications for the few lowering springs on the market to enhance in combination with the standard suspension maneuverability of a vehicle. In addition to an attractive lowering of license suspensions and lowering springs to increase cornering speed and dynamic driving. Optics class for a car the open sky chrome silicon steel made with cold rolled st suspensions lowering springs are multicoated and publish a final epoxy coating.

What they hold the most diverse weather conditions is the stand. When installing suspensions st lowering springs lowers compared to the standard suspension not only the body's center of gravity, but also the dynamics benefited. With strong steering movements, such as in avoidance maneuvers and fast turns are reduced due to the low curvature of body movements. In addition, the reduction of compression and relaxation, resulting in a more agile behavior.

The ideal spring rate for each lowering spring sports spring suspension rates in perfect harmony with the damper vote of the series. Finally, the st have spring lowering suspensions in connection with the respective weight of the vehicle, the wheel load and the level of the features offered lowering a huge impact on the inputs and rebound of the series chassis.

Made of chrome-silicon steel sports suspension springs not only support the weight of the vehicle, but also guarantees specially calibrated spring rates, a more direct driving experience. Depending on the degree of lowering, for example, a reduction in the concentration of 20 mm, 30 mm or 40 mm, sports suspension springs have spring rates that are combined with series shock absorbers. The lower the level of the lowering, the lower the spring rate.

Compatible with the following vehicles: vehicle: seat leon cupra / r (1 p) 2.0 tfsi power in kw: 177-195 year: 09 / 09- lowering front / rear: 20/20 mm axle load goes: -1050 kg / ha: -930 kg notes: with a part of lopinion art. Please check before you buy on the constraints in the list of vehicles to find your appropriate spare parts. To ensure optimal tuning and avoid erroneous deliveries, please use the vehicle application list above and enter your vehicle identification number hsn / tsn. If you can always contact us and find us the right springs for your car.

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  1. group: lowering springs <\/ li>
  2. reference number oe: st suspension, st suspension, springs of the lowering <\/ li>
  3. art: sport springs <\/ li>
  4. product type: springs <\/ li>
  5. male merk: improved handling <\/ li>
  6. eigen stock: reduces curl to driving <\/ li>
  7. Manufacturer Part Number: 28281073 <\/ li>
  8. characteristic 2: lowering <\/ li>
  9. type: focus / sport <\/ li>
  10. various: optimized driving dynamics <\/ li>
  11. manufacturer: st suspensions <\/ li>
  12. brand: - without brand / generic - <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    St Lowering Springs Seat Leon Cupra / R 1p 2.0tfsi Year Fab. 09/09    St Lowering Springs Seat Leon Cupra / R 1p 2.0tfsi Year Fab. 09/09