Leon Cupra Tfsi

Seat Leon 5f 2.0 Tfsi Cupra 12-265 HP 195kw Racechip Rs + Tuning Box + App

Seat Leon 5f 2.0 Tfsi Cupra 12-265 HP 195kw Racechip Rs + Tuning Box + App

Seat Leon 5f 2.0 Tfsi Cupra 12-265 HP 195kw Racechip Rs + Tuning Box + App    Seat Leon 5f 2.0 Tfsi Cupra 12-265 HP 195kw Racechip Rs + Tuning Box + App

Seat leon 5f 2.0 tfsi cupra 12-265 hp 195kw racechip rs + box tuning + app. This product sheet is originally written in English. Please find below an automatic translation into French. If you have questions please contact us.

Racechip rs + app chip tuning module. Seat leon (5f) 2.0 tfsi cupra 12. + 58hp / + 43kw / + 79nm.

Racechip at the listening of power- (323hp / 238kw / 429nm). The racechip rs offers high performance in complete safety. Racechip tuning products always have the latest hardware, currently in the reprogramming industry, rs racechip is coupled with specific engine software and fine tuning tunings. The rs racechip comes to you with the right card for the engine of your car.

You can also choose from 3 different performance modes via the racechip app on your smartphone. The racechip app allows you to define your car as you want, the energy saving mode to sport and race. Simply select the setup steps of your smartphone and this will synchronize the setting via bluetooth to the rs racechip module. There is also an option in the app that can disable the rs racechip back to setting the settings in case of stock you want to run a standard feed sometimes. The main advantages of lapp racechip control.

Control your racechip via bluetooth. The main advantages of racechip rs + app.

+ increase of 25% power. + 25% increase in couple. + 20% mpg savings possible. 3 fine switchable tuning cards. Engine to protect the system.

1 year engine warranty (terms and conditions apply). Up to 7 analog and digital channels Electronic chip with nano-protect. Housing made of highly resistant composite material. Dimensions (mm): l 95 x l 103 x 36 hrs.

Racechip rs - high quality solid performance. The rs racechip software is specially designed for your vehicle to optimize the electronic signals of your engine. This gives a big boost to your horses and the couple of available power reserves.

You will feel extra power, dynamics and the drive. (Please note the power figures are estimated by extensive research conducted by Germany's racechip and constitute a guide to achievable outputs). With rs racechip, you can increase power while also saving fuel and money.

Up to 1ltr less fuel per 60 miles is possible. Optimizing torque is the key to this simple equation: more torque = earlier rise = less fuel consumption = lower costs. (Please note economy fuel figures are estimated by extensive research conducted by Germany's racechip and are a guide to achievable outputs). We use high-end components in all our products, including rs racechip.

The complete circuit has a nano-coating. The processor has been specially designed for the conditions in a service car.

The casing is heat resistant, and the connection is made with a professional of making the fci. The rs racechip is a high quality product, which is why we offer a 3 year warranty.

1 year engine warranty (up to 2400 gbp). Indemnification: 2,400 gbp (all major engine components covered). Age of the vehicle: 5 years. Applies even if the manufacturer's warranty has expired.

You do not have to be an expert to install a racechip. The installation usually takes about 15-20 minutes and you do not need any specialized knowledge or tools. If you want to reset your car to the factory, you can do it by removing the performance chip. (Note that some vehicles have a sensor that may require a pair of minded hands mechanically to help with additional fitting). Apple-lapplication operating system racechip is compatible with all Apple smartphone tablets supporting bluetooth 4.0 and running iOS 7.0 or later. Operating system android - the application racechip is compatible with smartphones supporting bluetooth 4.0 and running android 4.4.2 (kitkat) or later. Htc and sony devices running android 5.0 (lollipop) some android 6.0 devices (marshmallow) without an update to android 6.0.1 (security patch 01.10.2016) do not allow a connection with the module at the moment.

Please contact our customer service and we will inform you as soon as the function is available. Please note: most racechips are processed immediately, but sometimes some applications need to be special ordered which can usually take up to 5 business days. If there will be delays in your order you will be notified within 24 hours. Buyer is responsible for mounting verification and buying the correct racechip at 100%. As you can understand we assume that you will know your own car better than us, haz motorsport will not be held responsible if you have bought the wrong answer check.

Haz Motorsport Limited will not be held liable for any damages, claims, losses and repairs held or incurred by the consumer / buyer regarding any racechip product or any vehicle, the product is installed on. Purchaser acquires and accepts all responsibility for the purchase of any racechip product and accepts all terms and conditions of this sale.

Up to 20% fuel savings - lower fuel consumption. Estimated power gains of upto: + 58hp / + 43kw / + 79nm. The item "seat leon 5f 2.0 tfsi cupra 12- 265 hp 195kw racechip rs + tuning box +" is on sale since Saturday, May 4, 2019. It is in the category "auto, motorcycle parts, accessories \ tuning, styling \" engines, chip tuning \ chips, chips ". The seller is "haz_motorsport" and is located at / in gb. This item can be delivered anywhere in the world.
  1. reference number oe / oem: 530536-rsc
  2. mpg: up to 20% gasoline savings - low gasoline spending
  3. bullet 5: extended service functions
  4. bullet 4: more performance via smartphone
  5. bullet 3: automatic software updated
  6. bullet 2: 3 distinct performance modes
  7. bullet 1: estimated power gains of up to: + 58hp / + 43kw / + 79nm *
  8. smartphone connector: yes app via smartphone
  9. engine warranty: 1 year warranty engine (up to £ 2,400) *
  10. vehicle racechip set power: (323hp / 238kw / 429nm) *
  11. certificate: approved tuv
  12. brand: racechip
  13. racechip software: 6 fine tuning cards
  14. standard vehicle power: (265hp / 195kw / 350nm)
  15. Manufacturer Part Number: 530536-rsc
  16. reprogramming software: £ 109 per re-programming
  17. racechip type: racechip rs + app
  18. manufacturer warranty: 3-year product warranty
  19. type: chip tuning

Seat Leon 5f 2.0 Tfsi Cupra 12-265 HP 195kw Racechip Rs + Tuning Box + App    Seat Leon 5f 2.0 Tfsi Cupra 12-265 HP 195kw Racechip Rs + Tuning Box + App