Leon Cupra Tfsi

Seat Leon 1p + Fr + Cupra + Copa 2.0 Tsi / Tfsi Coup Off Valve

Seat Leon 1p + Fr + Cupra + Copa 2.0 Tsi / Tfsi Coup Off Valve

Seat Leon 1p + Fr + Cupra + Copa 2.0 Tsi / Tfsi Coup Off Valve    Seat Leon 1p + Fr + Cupra + Copa 2.0 Tsi / Tfsi Coup Off Valve

Seat leon 1p + en + cupra + copa 2.0 tsi / tfsi blow off valve. This product page has been automatically translated.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Blow valve 3 stages adjustable for all 2.0 turbo engines fsi until 2007.

1 x 3-stage adjustable valve blow and mounting instructions with pictures in German. 1 valve 3 stages adjustable for all 2.0 turbo fsi fly motors built before 2007. Skip volume is adjustable on the valve 3 stufi.

Pssshht - turbo whistling like movie, fasting and furious vehicles or competition. For vehicles listening and standard. Suitable for all vehicles up to model year 2007 (including 2007 year of construction). The throttle closes without valve for gas removal, for example during the switchover process. The higher airflow of the movement meets the closed dorselklappe, reverses and flows turbocharger compressor wheel.

As a result, the turbocharger is slowed down sharply. Through the sudden braking of the turbocharger, the turbo when the new throttle must be completely completely beshcleunigt this noticeable turbo lag is created. The built-in solenoid valve ensures that the air column is partially torn off. The air rushing back not entirely, the turbocharger is therefore freely around. A renewed accumulation of pressure is therefore shortened because the turbocharger has been of a certain speed and lower must be accelerated.

The vehicle thus speaks even faster of the gases during acceleration and thus reduces the turbo lag. Another advantage of a sudden, shut-off valve is in the cooling of fresh air, since the hot air fly away turns off the valve and this cooler, colder return air is compressed again. The heat load is thus lowered by cooler and more powerful charge air.

Clearly better response when acceleration. Rise in loading pressure much faster when changing gears. Better acceleration = more power. More direct and more aggressive engine response.

Its adjustable motor sport button (3 speeds). Here you can bid for 1 adjustable sink drain-fast faucet. Make sure the sound of pssshht if you change the gear.

Fit for all 2.0 gasoline turbo fsi engines up to the year 2007 including mounting and instruction on the photo. Wheel cover / wheel accessories. Products that may be of interest to you. Set vest trio combo car bag + warning triangle kit kasten first aid kit. Thieves power 50 he pack junction cable quick connector red connector again.

Kill the chrome car toggle switch 12v switch + blue led + 20 a cap amendments. Kill the red car transparent toggle switch 12v switch + led 20A to our. Toggle switch 12v automotive switch + blue led a 20A / output trigger our tuning switch. Kill the engine switch 12v rocker switch switch black + white led + black cap. Kill the carbon switch cap-car-toggle switch 12v + white led 20 to our.

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    Seat Leon 1p + Fr + Cupra + Copa 2.0 Tsi / Tfsi Coup Off Valve    Seat Leon 1p + Fr + Cupra + Copa 2.0 Tsi / Tfsi Coup Off Valve