Leon Cupra Tfsi

Racechip Xlr Connector For Seat Leon (1p) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra R 2005-2012 265hp

Racechip Xlr Connector For Seat Leon (1p) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra R 2005-2012 265hp
Racechip Xlr Connector For Seat Leon (1p) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra R 2005-2012 265hp

Racechip Xlr Connector For Seat Leon (1p) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra R 2005-2012 265hp  Racechip Xlr Connector For Seat Leon (1p) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra R 2005-2012 265hp

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If you have any questions please contact us. Racechip xlr connect pedal adjustment box. Racechip xlr can be controlled conventionally using a newly designed controller that is wired to the brainbox. The driver can use the controller to select one of the adjustment steps at any time. Wireless control of adjustment steps. The racechip xlr is installed between the accelerator pedal sensor and the engine control unit. Depending on the xlr setting stage, it amplifies or reduces the signals sent by the accelerator pedal sensor according to characteristics defined by our engineers.

The effect is that you can choose how your car reacts to your accelerator inputs. 2 sports stages (s, s+) and 2 racing stages (r, r+) refine the accelerator's response, accelerating the engine's reaction times, making it as responsive as that of a sports car. Two eco stages (e, e+) slow down the engine's reaction to the movements of the throttle.

In dense urban traffic and long journeys, this can help you reduce fuel consumption. You can select n if you do not want or need not use xlr, and your car is back to the original setting. Racechip xlr is available for any car equipped with an electronic accelerator, whether the engine is with natural suction, turbo, supercharged, electric or hybrid.

Simple and easy to understand - installed in a few steps. 1- Unplug the accelerator wire at the connector. 2- connect the brainbox to the connector/adapter. 3- mount the brainbox on a smooth surface in the floor.

4- to control xlr; connect the controller to the brainbox or configure the racechip application. Now go drive and enjoy it! Racechip offers performance improvements for many brands and models that have been programmed to fit each individual engine. Their portfolio contains a total of about 60 manufacturers and more than 3,000 vehicles. We try to answer the messages within 24 hours.

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  1. productepid: 4062009999415
  2. modified object: n°
  3. Country of manufacture: Germany Unit quantity: 1
  4. productgtin: 4062009999415
  5. kilometers: refer to manufacturer's warranty
  6. location on the vehicle: forward
  7. productmpn: 530534-xlrc
  8. type: tuning chip
  9. Mark: racechip
  10. reference number oe/oem: does not apply
  11. Manufacturer part number: 530534-xlrc Other room number: 4062009999415
  12. below description: does not apply
  13. unit type: unit
  14. vehicle identification number (board): does not apply
  15. guarantee period: 1-2 years (depending on model)
  16. change description: does not apply
  17. personalized beam: n°
  18. productisbn: 4062009999415
  19. weight: 2kg
  20. Classic car piece: n°
  21. productupc: 4062009999415
  22. produced annually: 4062009999415

Racechip Xlr Connector For Seat Leon (1p) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra R 2005-2012 265hp  Racechip Xlr Connector For Seat Leon (1p) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra R 2005-2012 265hp