Leon Cupra Tfsi

Racechip Chiptuning With Ultimate App For Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi 265ps Cupra

Racechip Chiptuning With Ultimate App For Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi 265ps Cupra
Racechip Chiptuning With Ultimate App For Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi 265ps Cupra
Racechip Chiptuning With Ultimate App For Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi 265ps Cupra
Racechip Chiptuning With Ultimate App For Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi 265ps Cupra
Racechip Chiptuning With Ultimate App For Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi 265ps Cupra
Racechip Chiptuning With Ultimate App For Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi 265ps Cupra

Racechip Chiptuning With Ultimate App For Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi 265ps Cupra    Racechip Chiptuning With Ultimate App For Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi 265ps Cupra
RaceChip Chiptuning with ultimate app for leon (5f) 2.0 tfsi cupra 265ps. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. For your seat leon (5f) 2.0 tfsi cupra 195kw 265ps. Up to 15% less consumption per 100 km. Additional box leon (5f) 2.0 tfsi cupra 195kw 265ps. Special offer while supplies last.

Additional box from the market leader. RaceChip Ultimate: Up to 30% performance.

Up to 15% on 100 km Fuel economy. Setting perfectly suited to your vehicle. Easy installation in 10 minutes, including the DInstalling instructions. Chiptuning via application control (android and ios). Chip development leader and winner.

Includes a 5-year warranty product. High-quality components \The connection function smartphone RaceChip. Android application available in the application google play store / ios available in the app store. You can simply load the app on your smartphone and connect the RaceChip Ultimate supplied via bluetooth. This allows the control box in the engine compartment to be controlled from the smartphone. 3 power levels suitable for your engine. Preheating timer to protect your engine. Automatic update of the software. Update new performance modes via the update. The guarantee of chip tuning engine RaceChip. Maximum engine protection and maximum security for you and your seat leon (5f) 2.0 tfsi cupra 195kw 265ps. 2 year warranty on the motor included. All major components of the engine cover.

Up to 5,000 damage. Also applies if the manufacturer's warranty has expired. Chiptuning explained in 2 minutes.

Easy installation in 10 minutes. Blend in a few steps without special tools. Easy installation on the principle plug & drive. The installation of the RaceChip Ultimate in your seat leon (5f) 2.0 tfsi cupra 195kw 265ps only takes a few minutes and can be done by you personally without specialized knowledge. Convince yourself and enjoy a whole new driving experience by adjusting the RaceChip chip.

Easy installation, significantly more power and less consumption. We offer all this with the RaceChip Ultimate TUNINGBOX. Software latest version of specific software optimization software to the vehicle performance parameters can be set manually protect engine system more. Printed circuit material with nano protection against water professional automotive safety cap 48 mhz processor heat-resistant.

Size (cm): W: 11.5 x D: 10.0 4.0. Delivery adjustment module chip RaceChip Ultimate bundle of cables suitable for your vehicle instructions DInstalling individual blind plug fixings engine warranty form. RaceChip is the market leader. 100,000 chips sold per year.

100 employees with gasoline in the blood. Frequently asked questions of ultimate RaceChip chiptuning for seat leon (5f) 2.0 tfsi cupra 195kw 265ps. Can the adjustment of the chip damage my seat leon (5f) 2.0 tfsi cupra 195kw 265ps?

No, of RaceChip chiptuning works exclusively in the performance of your car. All motor protection systems of the automaker remain active. In addition, you get the engine RaceChip security software protects more.

How does setting the chips with the ultimate RaceChip? Many automakers differentiate the performance of a car by electronics. This means that vehicles differ only in the respective software. At this point, the RaceChip Ultimate intervenes. RaceChip with the adjustment housing, the control unit data is read and optimized for the specific vehicle.

Using the existing reserves of performance, an increase in performance by setting the chips up to 30% is possible. Is the RaceChip Ultimate individually adapted to my car? Yes, each RaceChip is specially designed and programmed for an engine and the corresponding control unit, in this case for leon (5f) 2.0 tfsi cupra 195kw 265ps.

This ensures control and performance for your vehicle and the control housing RaceChip is perfectly suited to your vehicle. Module installation is tuning chip without any prior knowledge as possible? The assembly of the control housing is in a few steps.

You will receive specific installation instructions for your car seat leon (5f) 2.0 tfsi cupra 195kw 265ps with the delivery of the chip control box and if you have any questions, our support will be happy to help. RaceChip he offers a warranty on the engine, transmission and transmission? Yes, a motor 2 year warranty is included when you buy a RaceChip Ultimate. All relevant components connected to the engine are covered by the engine warranty RaceChip. The engine warranty is available for all vehicles with a mileage of up to 100,000 km and an age up to 5 years.

In case of damage, RaceChip is responsible for up to 5,000 more, the engine warranty applies even if the warranty has already expired. Can I put my seat leon (5f) 2.0 tfsi cupra 195kw 265ps in series production? Yes, it included a disabling plug is included. Should you briefly put your vehicle in the state want to set, you can just replace the module through the plug from the off. The engine control unity signal is then routed directly.

Want to sell your vehicle? No problem, larmure spurenlose rear of chip tuning is as easy as editing a few steps in the order reversed. Can I reduce consumption and save fuel despite tuning chip and the energy thus produced? Yes, under Custom driving consumption can be reduced by it.

The RaceChip setting box installed in the vehicle provides a torque, which allows a previous shift upwardly into the nächsthäheren channel. This vehicle can be moved in total with low speed which in turn reduces fuel consumption up to 1 liter / 100 km. Can I also use the ultimate RaceChip with a diesel particulate filter (dpf)? Yes, the ultimate RaceChip can of course be used with a diesel particulate filter (dpf) or a soot particle filter.

Our modules are coordinated so that a perfect function is guaranteed even with vehicles in series with dpf. RaceChip offers a variety of chip tuning made in germany. In Germany is still always in the world as a quality feature. With RaceChip chip tuning product you get quality made in Germany, because RaceChip develops and manufactures its products exclusively in Germany.

Our customer service will be happy to help. 6 reasons to drive a RaceChip. Chip development of the market leader. Quality and technology made in Germany.

The power specified in bhp and nm are targets. In other words, changes are possible up and down. These can, for example, through the series of tolerance of the respective vehicle (under Directive 80/1269 / eec should the performance of a new vehicle to deviate +/- 5% of the manufacturer's standard), the quality of spent fuel, also Lentretien Dage and vehicle condition are caused. The installation of an additional control unit is a structural change and must, to the extent that a vehicle standing on the underlying routes of traffic laws (stvo) is moved, by a test facility officially recognized within the meaning of § 19 StVZO (e.

G, tüv, dekra or KÜS) and confirmed in accordance with § 22 StVZO. That is to say that the increase in performance must be recorded in the documents of the vehicle.

For the selected model, currently available nexiste no denregistrement certificate. An additional control of the unit of input and performance associated the increase are always possible, but individual purchase fee preceded by a recognized test center. For products he most common vehicles.

RaceChip chiptuning gmbh & co. Kg ulmer Straße 123, 73037 Göppingen (hereinafter \purchased.

§ 13 (hereinafter: \warranty product free the specified content here. Conclusion of a contract of guarantee. Is the territorial scope of application according to para. Geographic scope of the product warranty.

If products are purchased via another guarantor of the website or via a retailer or business partner located outside the aforementioned area, there is no claim under the warranty. The product warranty cover parts of the products.

The guarantor guarantees that the product on the following components of the products. Electronics and printed circuit boards. Plug-in module on the card. The wiring, but not dendommagement mechanical connector.

Housing with seal ( \Purpose and scope of application of the product warranty. The guarantor guarantees that, in accordance with point. The components of these products in the following specified periods from the date of purchasing the product in accordance with the invoice date no defective, affecting the operation of the product ( \\Optical defects which do not affect the operational capability of the product (so-called \The warranty is valid only to the extent that the guarantee of the vehicle in which the product is incorporated exclusively for private use, that is to say, non-commercial (commercial, for example, passenger transport, driving school vehicle; mail / delivery vehicle, used car), unless the business use of the vehicle has not become the cause of the absence of component dune with product warranty.

If dune warranty, product warranty includes free delivery of a product replacement or equivalent but free repair of the product concerned after choosing the guarantor (if technically possible). The buyer assumes the organization and the cost of transportation of the replacement product or repaired in the warranty holder. Furthermore, no other rights or claims consist of this guarantee. In particular, any claim for damages or compensation of futile expenses consisting of the product warranty.

Claims arising from the product warranty require quest deficit of each product not on the moon following circumstances. Improper installation or improper p.

In transfer of the product or of the wiring harness in the high thermal stress areas, quen is it on the collector or along the engine block, with the result of the melting damage occurring and / or using the product contrary to the specifications guarantor. Improper use or operation of the product unlike p guarantor requirements. Rotary switch settings that have not been approved by the guarantor. Changes to the product or unauthorized repair attempts, made without the consent of the guarantor. Off road with cruise through the waters full advantage of the depth of the ford vehicle.

Damage to search outside, especially road accident c. A sudden event in road transport, which carried a risk of transport damage or also damage the occasion engine cleaning, animal damage, etc. Major or exceptional strength / extreme natural influences such as floods, natural disasters, etc. Without the guarantee or other third party. There is no guarantee if the guarantee is issued on the action settlement collateral see point.

Vi this warranty guilty of infringement, unless qua unless the infringement of those rules is responsible for determining the guarantee or in determining or the expanse of the obligation of the guarantor. A warranty claim is also excluded if the product is installed in a vehicle model or engine type for which it has not been specifically approved by the guarantor. The action in warranty processing of warranty claims. The guarantee must inform the deposit immediately in writing dune loccurrence warranty. To do this, the guarantee attached Appendix Product warranty certificate to complete and send to the address following: RaceChip chiptuning gmbh and co. 123 73037 Göppingen in ensuring the warranty holder must specify a more precise description of the defect identified by it and the warranty claim asserted by him. Together with the product warranty, the warranty should send the affected product at their own expense, to the address previous and also provide a copy of the original invoice of the product.

Upon receipt of the product concerned and the above documents, checks the guarantor guarantee application and inform the guarantee on the results of audits. For warranty claims, wrongly stated the guarantor reserves the refund to require the fee for the exam of the warranty claim and the return of the product concerned the holder of the guarantee, regarding guarantor under the contract or law not to pay these costs is needed.

This choices apply if not guarantee any indication that he was na ny was no guarantee. Warranty claims for product defects that occurred during the warranty period expires 12 months since the end of the year in which the particular claim sest posed, particularly the damage caused and the guarantee was aware of circumstances demand. In the case of voluntary, the statutory limitation period sapplique it despite. The contractual or legal warranty with respect to the bond as a vendor or manufacturer of the product are not affected by this warranty or limited and remain unchanged.

This warranty has within the limits mentioned above and under the conditions mentioned above (including a copy of the purchasing original proof) each subsequent purchaser in the case of the sale or resale of the vehicle, in which the product is installed. If any provision in these Terms of guarantee or become invalid, such as the effectiveness of the other provisions of the present warranty conditions are not affected. This guarantee is subject to the application of German law. Place of jurisdiction for any disputes arising in connection with this dou product warranty is the seat of the guarantor.

Engine warranty for products \In June 2017 RaceChip chiptuning gmbh & co. Kg ulmer Straße 123 73037 Göppingen (hereinafter \), \Conditions for the conclusion of a contract of guarantee. The conclusion of a contract for the provision of a motor warranty for additional control units with the content presented here assumes that the consumer (hereinafter espective additional control unit against payment of the agreed fee (additional control unit \Kg ulmer Straße 123 73037 Göppingen.

Purpose and scope of application of the engine warranty; warranty service. The car warranty covers damage to the following conclusion, engine components, which are caused by the use of a auxiliary device in a car registered interest activated warranted during the warranty period below: 'security' manifold of admission ; workout trees; all engine internals related dhuile circuit about; transmission (with the exception of the coupling is incorporated in the transmission and clutch parts); gimbals; Darbre bearings cardan; piston; housing; crankshaft; gear crankshaft; engine block ; valve of admission and exit, including the valve guide; cylinder head; cylinder liners; camshafts; Darbre cam sprockets; rod; turbocharger. Only motor vehicles that are able to guarantee. In Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, UK, Sweden and France are approved. A total mileage of 100,000 kilometers warranty loccurrence lheure dune; not exceeded.

Their first recording at the time of buying an additional control unit is no longer than 5 years. Lusage private, that is to say, non-commercial (commercial, for example, passenger transport, driving school vehicle, courier / delivery vehicle, used car), this is because the use of commercial vehicle not become the cause of injury. Where that obviously were carried out by the manufacturer's prescribed vehicle or recommended regular maintenance, inspection and maintenance according to the manufacturer's instructions, unless the non-respect of this interview, the inspection and dentretien work not become the cause of pity. Replacement of damaged engine components in individual cases is cheaper than repair, the warranty is limited to replacement cost of the damaged engine component.

In any case, the guarantor is obliged to pay a guarantee that exceeds the current market value of the vehicle immediately before the guarantee becomes effective. The management of additional costs, particularly (but not exclusively) for other repairs or services on other vehicle components or replacement of indirect damage such as towing, rental car and lodging, loss of use, costs of storage / disposal, etc. Do not expressly covered by the engine warranty. The warranty begins on the purchase of the additional control unit (date of purchase) and ends after one year (additional control units \additional control unit \For normal wear, engine motor warranty and components included. Responsible for damages resulting from participation in events with the character of racing or training units corresponding to the steering wheel.

For damage resulting from the fact that the engine and control systems and computer of the vehicle before or during the period variations guarantee - especially (but not exclusively) measures performance enhancing or changing exhaust all art - made. For damages which are based on this vehicle has been exposed to higher than acceptable Lessieu specified manufacturer - trailer loads or the authorized vehicle weight is exceeded. For damages that are caused by that the guarantee has ignored the vehicle manufacturer's instructions in the operating instructions as for the operation of the vehicle.

For damages that are caused by guarantee not observe the conditions for additional remote controls and / or other notices of a guarantor in the manual of instructions for additional remotes, or guarantee or third Mon. Representing him has; built in the auxiliary control device contrary to the requirements of the guarantor. Damages, on the use of unsuitable or unauthorized by the vehicle manufacturer fuel types and other office supplies, especially (but not exclusively), oil based. Damages, which, by accident, that is to say a sudden, directly from external mechanical force with The event, as well as accident on the road, that is to say an event suddenly road transport, which is a typical traffic has made the risk of damage caused.

For that damages its own lack of collateral or any third party based, partly due to misuse of the vehicle or the auxiliary control device or deliberate acts. Also, no warranty, if interference or other influences were brought to lodomètre vehicle or of a defect or replace the odometer has been shown guarantor is not immediate, so the actual total vehicle mileage for the guarantor is no longer visible or verifiable.

A guarantee is also excluded in the guarantee is issued if the settlement to action in warranty see point. V this warranty guilty of infringement, unless qua unless the infringement of those rules is responsible for determining the guarantee or in determining or the expanse of the obligation of the guarantor. A claim under the guarantee is also excluded if the additional control unit is installed in a vehicle model for which it has not expressly approved by the guarantor. After the accident dune guarantee, following sapplique: the guarantee must inform the guarantor in writing immediately dune loccurrence warranty. Lavis writes can be sent to: RaceChip chiptuning gmbh and co.

Kg ulmer Straße 123 73037 Göppingen and written notice of the warranty, the warranty holder must submit the following documents. Original proof of purchasing for the auxiliary control device. Written evidence (eg original vehicle manufacturer's service record or original invoice) in accordance with prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer or recommended regular maintenance, inspection and maintenance.

Copy of certificate of registration (vehicle registration). Laffectation repairs or creating dune pay offer requires prior written under authority of the security. The investigation own lavarie sest is produced on request to allow the deposit. The surety is entitled to charge an external expert with determining the cause of damage at their own expense. The transferability of the engine warranty.

The warranty sold the vehicle in which the auxiliary control device is installed correctly, during the warranty period, the engine's warranty may be transferred to the buyer of the vehicle. Is the prerequisite for this, as the guarantor of the vehicle sale and transfer of time without warranty engine, at the latest within 14 days of the warranty in writing, indicating the full name of the buyer and address awareness .

Engine warranty claims lapse 12 months since the end of the year in which the claim arose and the guarantee of the circumstances of the application took notice. The granting of the engine warranty is subject to the application of German law. The rights of the holder of the guarantee, BGB associated with it in the case of the device failure dune auxiliary control at the time of transfer of risk in accordance with Article 437, are not restricted by the engine warranty and remain unchanged.

Any provision of these warranty conditions be ineffective or become, as the effectiveness of the other provisions of the present warranty conditions are not affected. For products \Therefore, unlimited reuse of our chip set products is only possible if the exact same engine is installed in the new vehicle.

If this is not the case, please contact our customer service to know the possibilities and costs of transportation to one of our chip set products in a new vehicle. With RaceChip and RaceChip gts gts black, we offer the opportunity to reprogram your RaceChip accordingly for the new vehicle, that is to say that we install the optimization RaceChip appropriate software and then you supply the cable needed for connection to the new vehicle. We offer this option up to 24 months after buying one of our products. For reprogramming, the equipment must always be in perfect working condition.

Shipping in Germany is free. Reprogramming costs (including cable required) amount to 99 eur (VAT included). With RaceChip and RaceChip gts gts black, the first reprogramming is included and therefore free. Legals for installation of chip tuning. Legal advice for installation of additional controls.

The acceptance and check-in right for chiptuning in the documents of the vehicle. By chip tuning expires vehicle the approval general, if installation was The acceptance of performance not quickly transported StVZO by an officially recognized test facility i. § 19 and § 22 confirmed in accordance with the Road Traffic Act, that is to say, the performance must be entered in the vehicle papers. Today, we deliver performance gains with a view portion corresponding check-out of chip tuning for a range of vehicles.

You can enter part with this notice performance on any recognized laboratory Dessai. We always noffrions no parts certificate for the selected model, you are always on the safe side, as we develop our chip developed products for all engine under the highest quality standards and produce. An entry in the vehicle documents on an individual approval by a recognized institute paid even without certification possible.

Because the exact procedure and costs for a single case in the event of loss are different, you need to consult directly with the appropriate institute criterion on the details of individual reception in your case. Chiptuning TUNINGBOX put steuerung app. The item \chip tuning \ chips, chips \The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.

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    Racechip Chiptuning With Ultimate App For Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi 265ps Cupra    Racechip Chiptuning With Ultimate App For Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi 265ps Cupra