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Maxchip Ultra With App Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra 280 (280 Ch / 206 Kw) Chip

Maxchip Ultra With App Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra 280 (280 Ch / 206 Kw) Chip
Maxchip Ultra With App Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra 280 (280 Ch / 206 Kw) Chip
Maxchip Ultra With App Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra 280 (280 Ch / 206 Kw) Chip
Maxchip Ultra With App Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra 280 (280 Ch / 206 Kw) Chip
Maxchip Ultra With App Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra 280 (280 Ch / 206 Kw) Chip
Maxchip Ultra With App Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra 280 (280 Ch / 206 Kw) Chip

Maxchip Ultra With App Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra 280 (280 Ch / 206 Kw) Chip   Maxchip Ultra With App Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra 280 (280 Ch / 206 Kw) Chip

For Seat Leon (5f), 2.0 tfsi cupra 280 (280 hp / 206 kW). The maxchip Ultra is our most powerful chip and offers the most features in parallel. With a maximum performance increase, a significant reduction in fuel consumption, most fine-tuning options and integrated application control including a preheating timer, the additional box to a new level.

The chip receives an additional performance gain your engine up to 30% off. Adjust the settings via the maxchip possible application.

Engine tuning adjustment via maxchip application. Additional Installation box with few handles. No special training car or other technical skills are required to install our ultra additional box.

The installation and removal can be done in a few steps through step instructions that we provide. The same goes for trade. Simply unplug the box chip of the old vehicle, plug it in again and the ultimate driving fun can continue. Your smartphone as a remote for your automatic performance.

The ultra maxchip you can control your app easily through additional box. For motor behavior perfectly suits your needs, you can choose between 10 individual speed levels in maxchip application.

Eco 1-3: ideal for chip tuners who want to be fuel efficient in city traffic, sports 1-3: Program for powerful traction in the fast corners race 1-3: race mode for maximum performance. The ultra maxchip can also be disabled via the application. Only the best for our customers. Our products are 100% made in Germany and meet all the essential safety requirements. Therefore, it is obvious to our customers for every purchase of our additional box housings additional engine warranty on the motor and provide all associated engine parts. For more details, you can learn more about our maxchip here. 1x warranty card 1x cable set 1x 1x installation instructions control box 6x clamps 1x dummy plug 1x return form. Engine specific software: b 4.0-2020 10 monitoring engine fine-tuning mappings app control. Microchip pik121120 up to 10 analog channels and digital electronic chip layer with professional car safety connector protection (fci) super resistant plastic housing fixing pro dimensions system (mm): the 98 xp 85 xh 30. 30 days right of return.

Fine tuning at it's best! Each maxchip Ultra comes with an individually adapted control your car and harmonizes perfectly with the engine of your car. You can choose from 10 mappings fine adjustment, which can be selected via the control of the application as needed. This allows to adapt the best possible motor driving style on all routes.

10 fine adjustment mappings for easy stepwise adjustment manipulation without screwing Control knob. 10 fine adjustment of mappings for a gradual adjustment. Easy handling without screwing the control dial. Economics maximum price during refueling. The torque and efficiency are adjusted in our setting additional box maxchip so that our customers can reduce up to 15% of previous fuel costs if they drive accordingly.

Moreover, it is possible to set your own eco mode especially designed to use the least amount of fuel. Frequently Asked Questions on the ultra maxchip for Alfa Romeo 156 (932) 2.0 tfsi cupra 280 (280 hp / 206 kW). What the proposed modules differ?

Maxchip basic, ultra race, we offer the suitable module to electronics improved vehicle performance for all needs. From the entry model range to high-end product. My ultra maxchip more pressure on my engine? A motorized vehicle above, for example with a basic maxchip, automatically puts a greater pressure on the engine components. If you make the most of the required additional power, the engine develops more torque (nm) and power (hp), which somewhat increases the load. An additional charge occurs at full power. Basically, today's engines are already designed for the corresponding additional power manufacturer side.

Is it possible to save additional fuel despite additional performance and if so, how? Once the ultra in the vehicle, fuel savings of 200 ml to 2.0 liters are possible and can be passed quickly into high gear as the torque in the lower speed range is now considerably higher. Values ​​also depend on the characteristics of the respective motor and tolerance in series of the vehicle. The majority of our customers report savings of 1.5 liters per 100 km. Can I use an ultra maxchip with a diesel particulate filter (dpf) use?

Our ultra maxchip can easily be used in conjunction with a diesel particulate filter (dpf) or a soot particle filter. Our modules are set so perfectly that even work with vehicle production with dpf guaranteed. Where have I wiring harness to connect? In vehicles with common rail, you will usually find the connection for the wiring harness at the end or the middle of the common rail. The additional box additional box life of mine. The dose makes the poison?

In this case, it's pretty good. As long as no limit value is exceeded for the additional box and your driving style? Increased wear is not expected. If you continually expose the engine to heavy loads due to aggressive driving style, it will have a negative effect on your vehicle, regardless of the additional box. My vehicle it is suitable for.

Basically, almost all diesel vehicles and turbo can be optimized by using the additional box. Some petrol engines without turbo also agree to this.

We have a list of \You are also welcome to send us a detailed request or visit us personally? Our technicians will advise you with pleasure! Becomes a special tool for installation.

No, the installation can be performed without special tools. In some cases it may be necessary to first dismantle the air filter housing to enter the sensor. Knowledge of motor vehicles is recommended or it is advisable to have a workshop to visit. Receipt of the warranty and return to series production: unlike other providers, decommissioning towards mass production is possible with our quality products with minimal effort and additional costs. Once you have fully extended our product quality maxchip (and all plug connections have been connected according to the original state), your vehicle is back in a state of series and new performance standard.

In purely functional terms, the vehicle is back in series after removing the maxchip chip and attached to the original connector to the wiring harness. Reading performance data in the memory of the vehicle could provide an indication (no evidence) an increase in performance. This data is collected and evaluated separately by some manufacturers in the workshop.

If you have detailed questions, please contact our customer service maxchip. Warranty conditions of the engine maxchip basic, ultra maxchip maxchip race, Tal 44, 80331 Munich, Germany takes the consumer relay for products maxchip basic, ultra maxchip race this engine warranty: 1. Warranty Covers - components and parts covered: this warranty promise applies to all damages to the components and engine parts mentioned below, which can be proven and only through the use of our basic maxchip, maxchip ultra race, engine block, pistons, connecting rods, cylinder head, shirts cylinder crankshaft, wheel, all internal parts connected to the oil circuit, camshaft, camshaft wheel, intake manifold, engine valves, valve guide, housing sump oil, turbocharger. Requirements and warranty period guarantees that promise only applies to vehicles registered in Germany, in Switzerland or Austria.

The warranty begins on the delivery of chip tuning to the customer and is valid for 1 year, for ultra maxchip products with application control, basic maxchip race. For ultra maxchip products with enforcement, race maxchip basic warranty is 2 years. Up to a total vehicle mileage of 200,000 kilometers, provided that: the warranty card attached to the additional control unit is completely filled, supplied with the date and signed and returned to maxchip within 14 days after delivery additional case the vehicle was registered for the first time there are less than five years when the setting chip was delivered to the customer.

Limitations - there are no guarantees: for damage caused by wear of the vehicle for damage due to the fact that the maintenance and maintenance prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer have not been made for damage caused by exceeding the permissible load of the trailer or the gross weight of the vehicle for vehicles that are used in motor sport or similar driving events with a competitive nature or related training workouts. The guarantee expires the use of fuel types and engine oils that have not been approved by the vehicle manufacturer will void the warranty. In the case of vehicles with turbo engines gasoline, the warranty will expire if they do not work all the fuel with at least 98 octane. The warranty is not transferable to other vehicle owners and expires when the additional box in a vehicle other than the vehicle registered with the warranty card. Display case maxchip guarantee must be immediately informed in writing of the warranty case, that is to say, damage to components and parts of the vehicle covered by this warranty i see. The written notice of the warranty claim must be sent to: maxchip Tal 44, 80331 Munich, Germany the following evidence should be submitted with the written notice of the warranty claim: original proof of purchase for additional evidence control unit written p. Original service history of the vehicle manufacturer from which compliance with service intervals / maintenance prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer can be seen a copy of the vehicle registration document (registration certificate part i) evidence purchase of the motor vehicle (photocopy sale) procedure for maxchip of instructions warranty claims must be obtained before the start of the repair or damage control. The maxchip officers should be allowed to examine the engine damage and to receive all necessary information and data to determine damage. In case of violation of these conditions, the guarantee will expire. Warranty Services maxchip bear the repair costs technically necessary and actually incurred for the components and engine parts covered by this warranty, up to 5,000 per claim, which can be proven by submitting an invoice. Statutory rights legal liability rights for material defects (warranty) of the consumer to the vendor for additional box are not limited by the engine warranty.

Legal registration requirement for additional housing in the documents of the vehicle. Additional box expires on general operating permit of the vehicle if the acceptance of the installation of the performance increase was not carried out immediately by a test facility officially recognized within the meaning of § 19 StVZO and confirmed according to § 22 StVZO.

The performance increase should be entered in the documents of the vehicle. Certificate of parts suitable for recording setting fleas.

With this certificate pieces, you can record the performance increase in any recognized test facility. Even without certificate parts, an entry in the vehicle documents is possible via a paid individual acceptance in a recognized test institute. Because the exact procedure and the costs of an individual acceptance varies from case to case, you must contact the relevant test institute for details of individual acceptance in your case.

We expressly point out that maxchip not responsible if the additional service is not included in the documents of the vehicle. Maxchip seat for ultra heat timer 1x cable set 6x clamps 1x dummy plug software control app 30 days right of return is better! +498923167623 legal etope 8 etope 8 etope.

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    Maxchip Ultra With App Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra 280 (280 Ch / 206 Kw) Chip   Maxchip Ultra With App Seat Leon (5f) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra 280 (280 Ch / 206 Kw) Chip