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E67e Gold For Seat Leon (1p) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra R (265 Ps / 195 Kw) Chiptuning

E67e Gold For Seat Leon (1p) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra R (265 Ps / 195 Kw) Chiptuning
E67e Gold For Seat Leon (1p) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra R (265 Ps / 195 Kw) Chiptuning
E67e Gold For Seat Leon (1p) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra R (265 Ps / 195 Kw) Chiptuning
E67e Gold For Seat Leon (1p) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra R (265 Ps / 195 Kw) Chiptuning

E67e Gold For Seat Leon (1p) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra R (265 Ps / 195 Kw) Chiptuning    E67e Gold For Seat Leon (1p) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra R (265 Ps / 195 Kw) Chiptuning

For seat leon (1p), 2.0 tfsi cupra r (265 hp / 195 kw). Discover our high quality product at an unbeatable price. State-of-the-art components automotive cable carbon fiber gehüuse. Easy to install hardware the latest software version.

Free Shipping in the EU. 30 days full right of withdrawal. Strongest representatives of Germany in terms of chiptuning.

The e67e gold makes every tuner heartbeat. This combines the implementation with its well thought-out precision work and more clearly in terms of efficiency, torque and engine power. We are only satisfied when you are.

Therefore, we are tuning your vehicle with the most advanced solution in the developed chip range, e67e lor. The particularity of this tuning variant is the transfer of data without delay to the engine control unit. Thus, it is possible adapted to optimize your vehicle. The best possible result is therefore extracted from many factors such as pressure, the amount of fuel injected or the pressure of admission. Your benefits at a glance. So that you can install our e67e gold in your vehicle, do not require special knowledge or skills in the automotive industry. Even as a beginner in the tuning industry, you are integrating the chip using our installation documentation easily into your vehicle. However, we are of course outstanding issues or problems with the tips. Our service includes all necessary cables for the installation of waterproof quality gold in addition to the e67e.

In addition to the best quality possible, it is for us a concern of groües, that even without the pages and pages of instructions and employment specially designed for the automotive tools of bereichentwickelter face e67e performance gmbhauch. Lor e67e orderly can be directly after delivery uncompressed anschlieüen on your engine. To do this, a simple connection cable and several cable ties are all you need for installation. Immediately after the simple installation of product quality, nothing in the way is a first test. Easy to integrate - start the engine - and enjoy much more power.

Includes 1 year engine warranty. Do not worry any shout. We want to give our customers to also order a positive feeling.

Therefore, we provide all our customers for each product ordered an additional guarantee on your engine. Sintifying engine damage directly belong to the past. Our one year engine warranty takes effect automatically with your purchase and applies to all boats built in 2013 or younger.

Damage at the price of 10,000 euros completely under the cover. And the best: there is no deductible to pay! Up to 10000 euros in case of damage no excess for vehicles until model year 2013 protects important components. What does it mean to jeopardize the engine warranty? The engine of a vehicle is a very complex component that consists of many small modules as you surely know. It does not matter whether the loader, cylinder head or crankshaft is affected. If proven damage by installing one of our products has been produced.

The guarantee comes into effect. Latest version 2019 the parameter software performance parameter software can be manually set. Waterproof automotive safety cap 64 mhz processor heat resistant. E67e gold tuning box wiring harness for your vehicle installation instructions individual fasteners.

Only a satisfied customer is a good customer. Every dissatisfied customer is definitely for us one too. As a result, we are always ready for a better service and top quality products to offer. A simple installation of our products is therefore also a matter of customer convenience for us.

Forget the heavy and complex installations and install instructions, with unserenprodukten the ultimate fahrspaü in minutes on the road. A - heat-resistant and resistant to special strength glass-reinforced plastic and einewasserdichte quality for chips, but also the corresponding wires testifies to the high value is the truth of our products. However, want to avoid the inconvenience for you completely, so that the different components before forwarding it to our suppliers by our professionally trained technicians carefully is checked. Only if all the features have been provided as part of this prüfungauch, the device when you go out. We allow both e67e performance. With our unique quality products are that simultaneous reduction in the benefits of consumption in addition to the desired improvement in your performance values ​​you. In combination with proper driving, you save on 100 km up to 1 l of fuel. Investment is a great value so quickly and durably in your chip tuning, because you sparenmit each tank of gas money. Cost of fuel to the optimization of 20 000 km.

We clarify outstanding issues - advance. An e67e performance takes chiptuning stürker touched my engine? Because your vehicle thanks to a tuning chip from our house is later motorized than before, so there is a slight overload of the engine.

If you leverage the power achieved by our fully tuning chip, it also increases torque and performance. This greater stress on the engine is created, but only if it is used the gains that power fully. However, you can use power without any worries. The installed motors are gröütenteils already designed so that this extra load can be easily carried.

Impact on my consumption essence more performance. Depending on the vehicle in question, you save gold after installing e67e in your vehicle between 200 ml to 2.0 liters per 100 kilometers. This savings is created by a slightly modified path, already a little earlier to the next gear, you can get through the increased performance.

In addition the switching behavior is the actual economy also the respective vehicle engine design. Customers already satisfied declared as feedback a fuel reduction of nearly 1.5 liters per 100 kilometers. Cooperates a chip tuning e67e performance even with a diesel particulate filter (fap)?

Yes, a vehicle with a built-in diesel particulate filter (fap) or ruüpartikelfilter is not an obstacle for installation. All of our products are specially designed in such a way that they filter particles optimally harmonize despite existing diesel with the vehicle in question. Where should I close the wire harness? Virtually all common rail systems have installed at the center or at the end of the common rail assembly for wiring harness vehicles on the market. A reduction in the life of the engine causes a chiptuning?

It is after the longevity of your engine plus driving as shoring on my chip tuning cause. Chiptuning alone will not lead to a reduction in the service of life. The engine usually stops only being shorter than usual, if the driver drives a very aggressive driving style and therefore permanently over a fixed period of time the heavy engine loads. However, it should be noted here, regardless of the chip tuning. Because even without the focus, an aggressive driving style means a reduction in engine life.

Can I install a black e67e in my vehicle? Vehicles with diesel engine powered almost all fit a chip tuning. On gasoline engines, it depends on the manufacturer and the model. On our website you will find a detailed overview, which vehicles for our tuning with a gold e67e would come into question. Of course you have, but also the opportunity to get in touch directly with the data of your vehicle for us and our engineers will look at themselves individually, if a tuning chip of your vehicle is possible.

Do I need a special tool for chiptuning? In the development and manufacture of our products, we have great emphasis that it is possible to chip tuning without training or knowledge in the automotive industry.

Special tool is not necessary for this purpose. The only exception to vehicles, which requires only an expansion of the air filter box to put the chip. It is recommended to have knowledge of the car or, if necessary, to look for a trusted workshop. We will answer you quickly and in detail. There is another essential point that distinguishes our e67e gold from other manufacturers' products.

It is possible to return your vehicle to denserienzustand, without the need of extensive or expensive adaptations necessary for you because at any time. All you have to do is adapt the plugins for the serienmäüigenzustand and everything is back. This is the series, state of the function. With the removal of tuning chips and plug the original plug to power. In a workshop one would eventually but possibly via diode available before proven performance.

That's right, but neither as evidence, yet a lapse of time from this specific data is normally done. Need more information on removal or have questions about the process, contact us. It is in the category "auto, motorcycle parts, accessories \ tuning, styling \ motors, chip tuning \ chips, chips". The seller is "emre_performance" and is located in achim. This item can be shipped to the following countries: America, Europe, Asia, Australia.

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E67e Gold For Seat Leon (1p) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra R (265 Ps / 195 Kw) Chiptuning    E67e Gold For Seat Leon (1p) 2.0 Tfsi Cupra R (265 Ps / 195 Kw) Chiptuning