Leon Cupra Tfsi

5 Years Warranty! Vw Golf Seat Leon Coupe 2.0 Tfsi 6-gang Kpa Equipment

5 Years Warranty! Vw Golf Seat Leon Coupe 2.0 Tfsi 6-gang Kpa Equipment
5 Years Warranty! Vw Golf Seat Leon Coupe 2.0 Tfsi 6-gang Kpa Equipment
5 Years Warranty! Vw Golf Seat Leon Coupe 2.0 Tfsi 6-gang Kpa Equipment

5 Years Warranty! Vw Golf Seat Leon Coupe 2.0 Tfsi 6-gang Kpa Equipment    5 Years Warranty! Vw Golf Seat Leon Coupe 2.0 Tfsi 6-gang Kpa Equipment

Vw golf seat equipment leon cupra 2.0 tfsi 6-gang kpa. This product page has been automatically translated.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. You receive 5 years warranty without mileage limitation! Do you still have doubts? Please tell us your level and we will decode your transmission code!

Since we know how important the telephone service is to our customers, we suggest that you ask for the telephone number of our telephone service via the \Similar - flanges, sensors and half shafts are not part of the regeneration and should be re-screwed if necessary. Depending on the type of gearbox, we also need pictures of the gearbox in disassembled state, nameplate, chassis number, etc.

Especially the following vehicles: opel, fiat, suzuki, toyota, bmw, volvo, iveco, man, etc. Our products are regenerated according to the ISO 9001: 2009 standard. Our gearboxes are completely dismantled, cleaned, re-stored and sealed again. All defective parts have been replaced by original parts. In certain types of gearboxes, the differentials are subjected to particularly heavy loads (because of their design). These new differentials will be reworked before installation. All rivets are replaced by stronger screws.

Cases with minor damage are welded by us or repaired with liquid metal. All dwellings are sandblasted before assembly and painted with a heat-resistant paint. Our transmissions undergo a final quality control in which even the smallest leaks are detected before delivery.

We supply to all gears a meguin - oils of germany gear oil in addition to the already filled equipment, we recommend buying a custom transmission oil to pass to 10.000 we offer you this at a preferential price and you save on the expenses shipping, because it comes with a gearbox. An oil change after 10,000 km with our custom oil helps extend the life of the gearbox and is therefore essential to maintaining the warranty. By phone: Monday to Friday from 8.00 am 7.00 <\/ span> and Saturday from 8.00 to 1 pm. By mobil: Monday to Friday from 7.00 to 21.00 and Saturday from 8.00 to 12.00. You can pay directly by bank transfer or wire transfer. Delivery and pickup by us. Collection fee is only 70.00! Shipping to: luxembourg, netherlands, belgium, austria, slovakia and czech republic costs only 70.00. A gearbox is only available from us in exchange (compared to the same type of gearbox). The old part will be resumed upon delivery of the news by our drivers. Please drain the oil at the old gearbox. If you can not deliver the material to us, it is not a problem. However, you will have to pay an additional fee in the form of a security deposit of 250.00 which is then returned to you when you transfer the old gearbox. Each pickup journey costs a 70.00 package, a direct transfer of the old part to our driver saves you unnecessary costs and protects the environment.

The condition of the old gearbox that you provided during the exchange interests us. Although the fact that the case has small holes or cracks is not important, it is important that all parts are present and can be put back by you. In addition, the transmission case must not have been damaged as a result of an accident or mechanical damage, otherwise an additional fee will be charged. If the old transmission shows damage in the form of a hole, we charge a surcharge.

The principle is: the greater the damage, the higher the surcharge. Ideally, please send us meaningful photos for clarification. As a special service, we offer installation at an unbeatable special price. In our office at 59-700 boleslawiec (40 km border post 02828 görlitz) for 150 - 200. At 71-661 szczecin (szczecin, 50 km east of prenzlau) (our partner workshop).

At 46537 dinslaken (ruhrgebiet, our partner workshop). At 7963 ruins (Netherlands, 50 km west of Meppen) (our partner workshop).

In our partner workshops (price on request) in. Poelten, 4121 altenfelden, 4341 arbing, 4600 catfish, 4870 vöcklamarkt, 5020 salzburg, 5660 taxenbach, 6176 voels (innsbruck), 6250 kundl, 6500 landeck-gurnau, 6850 dornbirn, 8055 graz, 8630 holy sebastian, 8700 leoben, 9300 st. When installing in one of the datelier accounts designated for the deposit and the renewed recovery fees of the old part!

Prices may vary depending on the type of vehicle. We have qualified mechanics with years of experience in the repair of gearboxes. We have been working successfully in this company since 1999. In addition, we are constantly working with experienced external specialists who are continually improving our products to combat gearbox wear. We also buy old and broken equipment, we offer everything.

Note to the old oil. As part of the distribution of the combustion engine or oil filters and gear oil, we are as a trader in accordance with the Altölv obliged to check the regulations and related obligations. We suggest that this ongoing cost of oily waste is in oil filters and used oil and oil changes to hazardous, which must be disposed of appropriately.

You can lose oil in the number of holidays when buying our oil and oil filter and oil changes that regularly occur oily waste free at our point of sale during operating hours or at their own charges in an approved for the transportation of dangerous goods packing to send us for free disposal. For questions about the environmentally sound disposal of used oils, we are happy to help you and perhaps give you disposal options in your area.

Sale of the engine or the internal combustion engine is the oil: arga arkadiusz gajaszek, niendorfer-weg 1a, d-15936 dahme / mark. The item \\ transmission systems \ gearboxes, accessories \The seller is \This item can be delivered anywhere in the world.
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    5 Years Warranty! Vw Golf Seat Leon Coupe 2.0 Tfsi 6-gang Kpa Equipment    5 Years Warranty! Vw Golf Seat Leon Coupe 2.0 Tfsi 6-gang Kpa Equipment