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1p0827024 Safe Door Seat Leon 1.9 Tdi (105 Cv) 2005 1331426

1p0827024 Safe Door Seat Leon 1.9 Tdi (105 Cv) 2005 1331426
1p0827024 Safe Door Seat Leon 1.9 Tdi (105 Cv) 2005 1331426
1p0827024 Safe Door Seat Leon 1.9 Tdi (105 Cv) 2005 1331426

1p0827024 Safe Door Seat Leon 1.9 Tdi (105 Cv) 2005 1331426   1p0827024 Safe Door Seat Leon 1.9 Tdi (105 Cv) 2005 1331426

1p0827024 safe door seat leon 1.9 tdi (105 cv) 2005 1331426. Safe door seat leon 1.9 tdi (105 cv) 2005. 1p0827024 the parts shown in the photo are mounted on the vehicle, the item offered is the one presented in the description, without the accessories or other parts that appear in the photo.

Portals do not include (although they are shown in the photos) wiper engines or locks. Comments: oferta para compras online. No tiene ningún golpe y la pintura no está deteriorada. The cerradura sells por separado.

Model: Leon 1.9 tdi (105 cv). For large cubic parts such as hoods, motors, fins or oversized parts. Order Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, additional shipping costs. International shipments are not carried out on island territory. ¿quieres que vous aseguremos que esta pieza corresponde à vous vehículo?

Solo you only enviarnos el número vin de tu vehículo. If you need to know if this part is valid for your car, you can send us your car vehicle identification number (vin).

If you need to know if this part is valid for your vehicle, you can send us the wine number of your vehicle. We can check it out.

Wenn sie wissen möchten, ob dieses teil für ihr fahrzeug gültig ist, können sie uns die fahrgestellnummer ihres fahrzeugs zusenden. Se hai bisogno di sapere se questo pezzo è valido per il tuo veicolo, puoi invierci il numero vin del tuo veicolo.

Se você precisa saber se esta peça é válida para o seu veículo, você pode nos enviar o número vin do seu veículo. Attention thanks to the professional service of the call center at catoira Automotive, we have a telephone service with 10 digital lines.

Where we will monitor periodically to ensure more attention, if possible, as well as timely information on new items, promotions, offers, etc. Warranty all our spare parts are guaranteed 3 months as long as the replacements are carried out in an approved workshop with their corresponding work invoice. Under no circumstances does the guarantee cover the labour force. Guaranteed Terms, Changes and Returns 1. If, during the warranty period, a malfunction or malfunction of the part occurs, automociones catoira sl must be immediately notified.

In the case of engines, it must be understood that it is impossible to know exactly what maintenance operations have been carried out on the said engine and whether these operations have been carried out under the conditions laid down by the manufacturer, it is therefore necessary to place a complete distribution kit (distribution belt, tensioner, bearings, water pump, thermostat and accessory belt). Our engines are sold in most cases with the electrical installation and the complete injection system, in this case the warranty does not cover: the electrical installation, the injection pump, the injectors and the injection ramp as well as the electronic parts that mount for diesel the engine crankcase and in the case of petrol engines does not cover: the electrical installation as well as the electronic components of the injection and the preparation of the fuel mixture. Any unusual handling cancels the warranty. Automotive Catoira you can always opt for repair, replacement or return of defective equipment. Faulty merchandise in the event that the equipment arrives defective, the customer must contact the self-propelled catoira within 48 hours to resolve the problem. In the event that the error is ours, the customer would receive the requested goods at no additional cost. To accept a return, the product and packaging must be in perfect condition and with all the original unhandled contents.

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    Mark: seat Model: leon 1.9 tdi (105 cv) Manufacturer part number: 1p0827024

1p0827024 Safe Door Seat Leon 1.9 Tdi (105 Cv) 2005 1331426   1p0827024 Safe Door Seat Leon 1.9 Tdi (105 Cv) 2005 1331426